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For the past few years, there have been very few new rotary flashlights on the market, even if the technology has been around for a while now. Which is unfortunate, since few interfaces offer the simplicity and efficiency of just twisting a rotary ring to get the exact brightness or mode that you need. The JETBeam RRT03 RAPTOR is the latest iteration of the brand’s magnetic rotary flashlights, bringing multiple battery options and a four color light source to the line. Coming in hot on the heels of the JETBeam RRT01 RAPTOR 2020, which in itself was an update to last year’s JET-RRT01, this new model ups the maximum output, improves the optics, and gives you even more options than its predecessors.

The RRT in the model name means it comes from their Rapid Response Tactical series, and the use of both a tail switch for quick activation and a stainless steel twist ring for easy output control fulfill on that designation. It’s easy to pocket and bring along thanks to its compact 3.65" long IPX-8 rated aircraft aluminum body and the attached skeletonized pocket clip. The RRT03 RAPTOR comes with a micro USB-rechargeable 18350, but can also accept CR123A and 16340 battries, and even larger formats like the 18500 or 18650 thanks to optional extension tubes.

The forward clicky tail switch turns the light on, and from there you have three-stage output (Low-Medium-High) up to 1,400 lumens—that’s from an 18350 battery—via the magnetic rotating ring. The newly redesigned optics uses a TIR lens and balances between spot and floodlighting, giving you a flexible use light that accommodates both targeted illumination and support for peripheral vision in the dark. The regular beam can reach up to 145M, holding max power for a minute before stepping down to a manageable 600 lumens that will last for around 1.2 hours. In its 85-lumen Low mode, the RRT03 relies on an efficient drive circuit to last up to 6.5 hours.

Twist the ring clockwise beyond the detent for High and you get access to a multi-color RGB flash mode detent with Red, Green, and Blue for various identification and observation use, and a final detent for Strobe, SOS, Beacon, and a battery indicator. Both of these flashing modes can be switched up with the forward clicky switch. This allows you the versatility of a normal modes for everyday use, and specialized modes when needed.

You can get the JETBeam RRT03 RAPTOR with either a trio of cool white Cree XP-G3 or Nichia 219C LEDs, the latter of which provides high CRI output more pleasing to the eye. If you’ve been wanting to try a flashlight with a rotary interface, there’s never been a better time to do so with JETBeam’s multiple new offerings in the category. Their latest JETBeam RRT03 RAPTOR gives you flexibility in your power source, plus a simple multi-mode interface and improved optics that make for a flexible EDC light. Check it out at the link below.

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