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Trending: KNIPEX Cobra Pliers

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Mon Garcia
Trending: KNIPEX Cobra Pliers

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Not everybody brings toolbox items as part of their EDC, but if you do, you’d want to bring something sturdy and dependable. The KNIPEX Cobra Pliers are water pump-style pliers (also known as tongue-and-groove type) from a German-based company long known for their focus on quality and on a single product group. A century of dedication and craftsmanship results in a functional design that is also comfortable to use, thanks to ergonomically-shaped rubber-sheathed handles. The Cobra Pliers also feature a curved jaw grip that’s slimmer than usual, making it easy to slip into where it’s needed as well as keeping the overall weight of the package down. On the side, there’s a small spring-loaded button that lets you change the width of the lockable jaw opening, making this a smooth-operating, one-handed tool that’s simple to use. If your EDC tasks require more from your pliers than the usual ones integrated into multi-tools, a dedicated pair like the KNIPEX Cobra Pliers is called for. There are bigger versions, but this extra small model may be best for daily carry and EDC tasks.

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33ww ·
How trendy.
CampDiplIng ·
Pliers (below) or Pliers-Wrench (top)?
There is quite a difference in application / use!