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Henri Pretorius
Johannesburg, South Africa
This is the items that I carry with me everyday. I tried to keep things simple and lightweight without compromising on the tools that I need. I have tried a variety of different EDC setups over the last couple of month, but I have finally settled (for now) on these items. This is the first time that I'm carrying a flashlight, but unfortunately we frequently experience power outages in South Africa, so the flashlight has come in handy many times. All three knives has a different purpose and covers a wide variety of tasks that I might encounter. I love leather, so therefore my wallet and watch straps are made of genuine leather. My Seiko watch is my favourite watch and works well. The Troika Spinning tool is probably a bit unnecessary, but is entertaining when I'm in class at college and the lecturer is boring. I have owned this Parker Pen for about 10 years and it has always been reliable.

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