Summer 2020 Carry

Niko Huupponen
Imatra Finland
Simple and my usefull to to carry daily-basics. Lightweight and nothing too much, most of them come with my backpack, only carrying my pockets key's on Orbit-organizer, SAK- and Byrd knife's and phone with wallet style case, and also car key's when driving.
My wallet was to chunky to carry same pocket than phone, so it's better in my opinion to carry this way.

Baliyo it's nice toy to play when need to kill time, maybe same reason I have that comp with me, never when need one isn't near and now day everyone need to mind own bisnes so those bluetooth-earbuds are very usefull, and sounds nice, by to price.

SAK Compact it's just perfect knife to use daily, not too heavy and big, comes all needed tools and that small pencil is surprisingly usefull, when no other pen isn't available. And that Byrd Robin is for basic cutting and knife stuff, to open packages etc. knife steel isn't that good but good enough for this type cheap knife.
Nearly one year with smoking but still have to carry lighter, it's dirty-cheap, 5€ and start fire, it's enough for that.

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