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Trending: Gerber Armbar Drive

Mon Garcia
Trending: Gerber Armbar Drive

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With the number of options out there, selecting the right multi-tool helps you complete an task-effective and pocket-efficient carry. The Gerber Armbar Drive tosses its hat into the ring with a compact form factor reminiscent of folding pocket knives, a usable fine edge, and an extendable bit driver. The aluminum handle holds a 2.5" blade that deploys via thumbhole and is held in place by a sturdy framelock. The rest of the tools fold out in the same fashion: an awl, a pair of scissors, and a bit driver. The bit driver extends all the way out, turning the Armbar into a short screwdriver that allows you to reach places where bit drivers of other multi-tools won’t. The included two-sided bit gives you both flat and Philips screwdriver heads. The reinforced tail end of the handle functions as an impromptu hammer, and this piece opens up to give you a combination prybar and bottle opener. All this in a package that’s 3.625" closed and 3.1 ounces, making the Gerber Armbar Drive a great pocket carry for miscellaneous tasks at home or out in the field. Grab yours now at the link below.

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Nic Gilbert ·
Got mine last night. i don't like the scissors. they start out 100% open and to get them into a cutting position you basically push on one of the blades. Granted its not knife sharp, and there's a lever to help with it, but makes it less of a 1 handed operation.

wish the screwdriver had some locking positions like the knife blade.

also, i know it takes no work to add it.. but why does EVERYTHING need a bottle opener?

Ill still carry it most often, its more robust than a swiss army knife, much lighter than a full on multitool with pliers. Well built, feels good in the hand