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Lukas, nice setup. Are the knife carry laws in Austria very liberal?
Lukas ·
yes very much with us nothing is actually forbidden 😅
Lukas, that's a very nice EDC set! BTW, I have a question for you about the Boker EDC Pen.

I bought the micarta version of the exact same pen and the pocket clip is TERRIBLE. I've had to use Gorilla Glue on it numerous times, and the last time, I put so much on the top of the pen clip that its HOPEFULLY bonded for life!!!

So how long have you had the aluminum version that you have? And have you ever had any issues of the clip coming loose and had to re-tighten it?

I absolutely LOVE the micarta version and its EASILY one of, if not my favorite grips with the curves in the micarta and VERY comfortable to write with. However, I can no longer trust it for pocket use and it just stays in my EDC bag/pouch now. I had trouble with the pocket clip on mine pretty much from the time I opened it on day one 😂

But, I would love to purchase the aluminum version you have if the pocket clip is much sturdier!!! So now I use one of my (3) Refyne EP1 EDC Pens in the pen pocket of my LAPG Atlas STS Pants and Shorts, but id love to add another Boker . 50 cal KID into my EDC arsenal as an EDC Pen. Probably to hold a different type of pen refill, like a Schmidt Easyflow 9000 or a Fisher Space Pen refill, since I strictly use a Parker G2 .7mm Quink Gel refill in my Refyne EP1 pens!

Thanks for any info and advice you can give me 👍😎
Lukas ·
Hey Brandon,
Thanks for your comment and i have had the pen with me privately and professionally since august and i never had to touch up anything on the clip.

so i can only warmly recommend the aluminum version 😉