My Everyday Carry

Leo McElrath IV
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
These items are my "goto" and are found in my pockets 90% of the time.

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Tanner Baker ·
Awesome set! I have the keybar, and just ordered the mini EAB. Now looking for a knife to call my own.
Kevin McDowell ·
I want to get a Keybar to try out
Tanner Baker ·
It's really cool. Very durable. I got the Carbon fiber/anodized titanium version. An essential EDC.
Mick ·
Nice selection of essentials. Something I noticed that might be missing, considering your profession is automotive-emergency tools. My thought was a window glass punch + seat belt cutter tool.
Steve ·
Where did you get your field notes cover from?
Chris Szaroleta ·
You really can't go wrong with any in the SwissTool line. Victorinox doesn't get the love that Leatherman gets, but they definitely should.
Alexandre Vergara ·
Fisher is very cool.