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Wingback Black Steel Collection

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Mon Garcia
Wingback Black Steel Collection

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Adding gear built with an exotic material to your EDC can sometimes add that flair that gives it that finishing touch. Sure, there’s the usual titanium, brass, or copper, but in the rare case of a material like tungsten carbide, standing out means taking the stealthiest approach. The Wingback Black Steel Collection is a follow-up to the brand’s Machine Collection, and it features three essential items designed to bolster the functionality and style of your daily carry kit: a pen, a key cache, and a hip flask. Thanks to their use of the ultra-tough and ultra-sleek new finish, the collection enhances durability, performance, and scratch-resistance in a distinct, one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Simply called Black Steel, the new eye-catching finish utilizes tungsten carbide to create an ultra-thin 3-micrometre thick coating that’s nine times stronger than stainless steel and three times stronger than titanium. It’s designed to endure the rough and tumble of daily use, as well as close encounters with the other contents of your pocket or pack. The carbon component in the finish also gives it a low friction property, imbuing the threads, mechanisms, and sliding surfaces with a smoothness built to last. The proprietary process used in creating the Black Steel finish also results in a sub-metallic luster that gives these products a distinct and premium look, akin to the allure of raw titanium, shred carbon fiber, or Damascus steel.

Having a reliable pen isn’t something most of us bother with too much, but you’re always glad you have one on you when you need it. The Mechanical Pen from the Black Steel Collection is a hefty tool at 50 grams, and it provides a comfortable writing experience with its wide and knurled grip section. With a 3/8" diameter and 4.68" length, it’s a compact build that is easy to pocket while still comfortable to use for long writing sessions. A twist mechanism deploys and retracts the nib, aided by the smoothness provided by the Black Steel coating. It comes with the Fisher Space Pen pressured refill for write-anywhere performance.

The Black Steel Key Cache lets you bring along emergency cash and small essentials in a compact package that hangs off the included keyring. Whatever you choose to put inside, it stays dry and protected thanks to a silicone washer and tight tolerances. Last but not least, the 100 ml Hip Flask eschews the traditional rectangular shape for easier cleaning and filling. All its parts are dishwasher safe, and there’s a thoughtful lip at the base of the flask that can be used as a bottle opener—ensuring you’re never without a good drink when you take it with you.

To make these heirloom-quality EDC items truly yours, all three products can be personalized with a laser engraved inscription: along the barrel of the Mechanical Pen, and at the base of both the Hip Flask and the Key Cache. Wingback endeavors to create iconic products that are not only useful, but enduring as well. Check out the Black Steel Collection at their fully funded Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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