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Trending: Folomov EDC C2 Flashlight

Mon Garcia
Trending: Folomov EDC C2 Flashlight

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Flashlight technology has created a series of pocket rockets that seem to get smaller while providing greater output and higher quality light. The diminutive Folomov EDC C2 is 2.14" long and 0.73" in diameter, but provides useful lumens in an eye-pleasing tint. The included rechargeable 14300 lithium-ion battery pushes out a maximum of 400 lumens from its Nichia E21A emitter boasting a very warm 3000K temperature and a >98 CRI rating that’s easy on the eyes. The electronic side switch accesses the half-lumen Moonlight mode, 10-lumen Low, 50-lumen Medium, 160-lumen High, and 400-lumen Turbo modes. There’s also Strobe, SOS, and Beacon modes at 160 lumens. Underneath the translucent switch, two LEDs indicate battery level and charging status. A magnetic tailcap increases utility, allowing for alternative mounting options for this 30 gram light. The Folomov EDC C2 comes with a friction fit clip for easy pocket carry and the ability to be mounted on a hat or cap brim. Check out this budget-friendly pocket torch at the link below.

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Benjamin red ·
You should find a link for the 600 lumen normal cri version. It had twice the battery capacity.