Going without a full size multitool for a while...

Burgerflipper (age 49)
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Going to see how this goes...
I've had a full size multitool on my person since 2013 or so. And yes, I do use it all the time. But I had to ask myself... can I get by with just a small keychain size multitool instead? I mean, I used to just carry a Swiss army knife and resisted hopping on the plier-based multitool bandwagon for the longest time (like for 20 years since I first saw a Leatherman in the early '90s). I used to run around like a crazy man with only a SAK and never really missed not having pliers on me. But then I broke down and bought a Leatherman. It was like someone threw a bucket of water on my face and I woke up from the Matrix. Oh, I was still running around like a crazy man, but I had pliers in one hand and a Swiss army knife in the other. People thought I was crazy, and maybe I was for a little while there, but let it not be said that I was toolless fool. So... can I revert back to a time when I didn't carry a full size Leatherman? Is that even possible? Or will I find myself stranded somewhere with egg on my face...?

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Congrats on the featured post! How's it been working?

The answer is yes... Because you can leave the full-sized multi-tool in your car/backpack for those "just in case" times. Although when you actually need a pliers the P4 won't cut it. A Skeletool
... Is a nice compromise.
BurgerBuddy ·
I've gone back to the Wave, though the Skeletool also makes it in the rotation occasionally. I like the Squirt, but it's just not a "get out of an emergency" kind of tool.
I see egg in your future. Just sayin’ brother.
BurgerBuddy ·
Yep. I keep coming back to the Leatherman Wave. When we really need a tool the small stuff just doesn't quite cut it.:)