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Trending: EASYANT Leather Holster

Mon Garcia
Trending: EASYANT Leather Holster

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When you’ve finally settled on your choices for your daily pocket carry then realize that they’re left jangling, scraping,  and bumping against each other in your pocket, what do you do? The EASYANT Leather Holster lets you bring some order into your pockets with a functional design, tough handmade construction, and traditional aesthetics. It lays flat at 4.02" x 2.87" and features two front pockets for a small knife and pen, plus an easy access pocket on the rear for spare cash and loose change. The middle section also features some storage for your high use IDs, credit cards, or travel cards. Because it’s hand cut and stitched from oil wax leather, the EASYANT Leather Holster will soften over time and adapt to its usual contents, creating a snug and customized fit. Bonus points for looking better as it ages, as scuffs and the natural patina that will form give this pocket sheath character over time. At 1.23 ounces, the weight penalty is negligible for the benefits of a more organized pocket, with less jangling and more protection for your EDC gear. Check it out at the link below.

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