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Trending: RovyVon U4 Keychain Carabiner Knife

Mon Garcia
Trending: RovyVon U4 Keychain Carabiner Knife

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The RovyVon Utility U4 Keychain Carabiner Knife is an EDC solution that fulfills two basic functions in your daily kit: an efficient way to carry your keys, and an accessible edge for everyday cutting tasks. The titanium alloy construction keeps it easy to carry at 15 grams while providing toughness and corrosion resistance. The carabiner itself features a 0.61" gate and a double loop design that allows you to attach it to your belt loop while providing a secure inner section to keep your keys in. The attached folding scalpel is non-locking, meaning it’s legal to carry in most places, including the UK. It takes the common #11 scalpel blades, providing you with a no-maintenance, replaceable edge that’s easy to carry backups of. Opened up, the scalpel extends the U4 to 4.33", giving you enough to grip when doing light cutting tasks. When you’re done with it, it folds up into the 2.64" long carabiner frame, which also features markings for a 4 cm ruler. With the RovyVon Utility U4, your keychain carry gets the added benefits of a practical cutting edge and an impromptu measuring tool. Check it out at the link below.

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