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Trending: Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Zebra SL-F1 Mini Ballpoint Pen

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The only relevant EDC pen is the one you have within reach when you need it. Signing receipts, logging in for contract tracing, or leaving a quick note for a co-worker or a friend—you never know when you’ll need one. With its miniature body and telescoping action, the Zebra SL-F1 disappears into your pocket or bag, while providing a familiar length and form factor when it’s time to write. The durable metal body measures 3.3" long when retracted, but extends to a comfortable 4.2" when in use. A simple pull deploys the tip of the included smooth-writing Zebra 4C-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill. A metal pocket clip keeps this pocket pen secure in your pocket or attached to your wallet or pocket planner. It’s also small enough to pack in an Altoids tin. At 12 grams, it’s an addition to your daily carry that takes up next to no space, yet one you’ll appreciate when you need to write something at a moment's notice. The diminutive Zebra SL-F1 makes sure you’re never without a functional pen within easy reach. Check out this affordable EDC-friendly pen at the link below.

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