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Trending: WE Knife Co. Syrinx Tactical Pen

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Mon Garcia
Trending: WE Knife Co. Syrinx Tactical Pen

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The ideal EDC pen has to be light enough to not bog you down, yet sturdy enough to be taken everyday along with the rest of your gear. The WE Knife Co. Syrinx Tactical Pen is a compact and tough titanium writing implement designed to give you access to a functional pen anytime and anywhere. Titanium construction keeps it light at 0.56 ounces, yet tough enough to hang and bang with the rest of the gear in your pocket or on your key chain. The 0.43" diameter and sectioned bamboo design give a secure and comfortable grip during use, even during longer writing sessions. Meanwhile, the screw-in cap ensures you don’t lose either the cap or the pen itself during daily transit and carry. At 3.4" long and with the included stainless steel keyring, the WE Knife Co. Syrinx Tactical Pen is an easy addition to your key chain setup. Two extra ink refills are included, and you can use ballpoint refills with a length of 2.75" for future replacements. Check out this small and sturdy EDC writer at the link below.

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