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Trending: Olight i5T EOS Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Olight i5T EOS Flashlight

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With the success of their AAA-powered i3T EOS Flashlight, Olight took the next logical step and recreated it in the popular AA platform. The Olight i5T EOS is an AA-powered pocket light with a sturdy build and a simple user interface. Its 95mm long black-anodized aluminum body shares the same spiral grip pattern as the rest of the lights in the family, like the M1T Raider. Powered by a regular, easy-to-come-by AA battery, the i5T EOS pumps out up to 300 lumens on High with two clicks of its rubber-covered, mechanical tailswitch.

After three minutes, a timed stepdown brings down the Osram P9 emitter to 150 lumens to help conserve your battery. It can hold that setting for 25 minutes. A single click gives you the 15 lumen Low mode, which it can hold for 20 hours, while a quick tap gives you momentary Low for quick bursts of manageable illumination. The blue bi-directional pocket clip keeps the Olight i5T EOS on point in terms of branding, and allows you to stow it in a pocket or use it clipped to the brim of your hat. Check it out at the link below.

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Benjamin K ·
I have the blue striped Coronavirus Special from when the model debuted, and I just love it! It's even better with an Eneloop or other NiMH in it! Wonderful little pocket light!
Tony Davidson ·
I carry one daily. Great little light, and sturdy...ran it the the clothes washer once. I opened the lid to find it not only intact, but shining brightly against the washer drum!