Everyday Bag Carry

Ahmad Dimi
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
I normally have most of the items in a small luggage pack from United Arrows and it makes it easier when I switch bags.

I also realized that I've been carrying way too much yo-yos for person to carry.

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Jasper Tandy ·
This is a bewildering number of yoyos. I love it. Really want to get into it again.
Ahmad Dimi ·
Yes it is! I didn't realize that I brought that much around. Basically I'm ready to perform anywhere. Get back into it man!
Jasper Tandy ·
What would you recommend for someone getting back into it? I don't have any hardware any more, and everything is new!
Ahmad Dimi ·
If you are looking for great priced plastic yo-yos, try C3yoyodesign's Speedaholic / Yoyofactory One / Duncan Flipside.

There's also a lot of cheap metals now as well.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Lots of organization!
Ahmad Dimi ·
Thanks man!
Blake Farrugia ·
Do you like yoyo's?
Ahmad Dimi ·
Well, I'm a professional yo-yo player.
Chris Szaroleta ·
That's effin cool...
Blake Farrugia ·
Thats a very niche profession you have that's for sure
Ahmad Dimi ·
ravnos ·
I really want there to be a more interesting word for "professional yo-yo player" ... haha. It just seems like one of those things that would have an obscure word for it that doesn't sound like it would have anything to do with yo-yos.
Ahmad Dimi ·
Hahah! we normally use yo-yoer, yo-yoist, pro yoer.

I reckon there won't be a special name for us anytime soon.
Edward H ·
Absolutely love this! I yo-yo as well! Great to see someone else carry yo-yo's on them. I carry one or two of my collection on me every day in my EDC backpack.
Steve Smolinski ·
What kind of bags are the yo-yos (8,9,19) in?