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Nitecore MH12S Multi-Fuel Tactical Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Nitecore MH12S Multi-Fuel Tactical Flashlight

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Being able to choose from different power sources for your EDC flashlight can be critical during emergencies and long-term, out-in-the-field use. The convenience of being able to switch batteries depending on your stockpile is an underrated feature that only a few flashlights have. With its ability to change it up between a large format 21700 battery for the highest output and runtimes to the popular 18650 format that you may already have on hand to the versatile CR123 lithium batteries that are known for great shelf life, the Nitecore MH12S Multi-Fuel Tactical Flashlight gives you high output, battery flexibility, and an intuitive user interface in a sturdy and compact package.  

The Nitecore MH12S upgrades from the 18650-size battery used in the original MH12 and the long-throw MH12GT to the larger Nitecore NL2150 5,000mAh battery in the 21700 format. It does so while still being compatible with both the 18650 batteries used by its predecessors, as well as two CR123 batteries using the included adaptor tray. At 5.55" long and 1.07" at its widest point, this new model is also shorter than previous models in the series, while being comparable in thickness. Like many recent modern flashlights, this sports an onboard intelligent charging circuit that tops up via a USB-C port.

The LED has been updated to the modern Luminus SST-40, which, combined with the bigger 21700 format battery, is able to reach an output of 1,800 lumens on Turbo with a maximum beam distance of 294 meters. This dual switch flashlight uses a tactical tailswitch for quick, momentary bursts of illumination, plus a metal side switch that offers durability and feedback even during gloved use. The side switch also acts as the power indicator, flashing to indicate low voltage and the need to top up your battery.

There are five output levels available: a 1-lumen Ultralow that can last over 60 days on a full charge of the included 21700 battery, a 50-lumen Low that runs for 45 hours,  a 300-lumen Mid that runs 7 hours and 15 minutes, a 1,050-lumen High that runs 3 hours and 15 minutes, and finally, the 1,800-lumen Turbo Mode that can only be accessed when using 21700 or 18650 rechargeable batteries. All modes are PWM-free, providing constant and flicker-free light regardless of output level. Nitecore’s onboard Advance Temperature Regulation (ATR) module manages the light’s output, preventing long-term damage and maintaining optimal performance during use.

The IP68-rated all-weather aluminum chassis of the MH12S is dustproof and waterproof to 2 meters. It can withstand impact from a 1 meter drop, and its HA III military grade hard-anodized finish helps it survive the rough and tumble of daily use. Aside from a pocket clip, the package includes the Nitecore NTH10 Tactical Holster that keeps this compact, 2.66-ounce powerhouse nearby and ready for quick draw when you need it. The MH12S is also compatible with a host of the brand’s tactical accessories, including the NTR10 Tactical Ring Pro that makes it easy to hold and operate while using firearms in a tactical situation, as well as different rifle mounts and a convenient remote switch.

Having a powerful handheld flashlight for EDC and emergencies elevates your preparedness, and having one that accommodates different battery types gives you even more usage and adaptability when out in the field. The MH series of flashlights delivers on tactical functionality, performance, and durability. With the Nitecore MH12S Multi-fuel Tactical Flashlight, they now add battery flexibility in a compact and sturdy package that’s a solid addition to any daily carry kit. Check it out at the link below.

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