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Trending: Gear Infusion EverRatchet

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Gear Infusion EverRatchet

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Keychain multi-tools boast high utility-per-square-inch, and can let you bring along tools and functions in a compact package. The Gear Infusion EverRatchet keychain tool distinguishes itself from the fray with its unique, built-in 1/4" ratcheting driver and included Phillips bit. This is a function that’s never been seen before on a keychain multi-tool, and the leverage it offers aids in making quick fixes even faster. The EverRatchet’s compact 2.38" long chassis houses the rest of the functions: a bottle opener, box opener, prying and scoring tool, scraper, flathead screwdriver, plus 7 different wrench sizes. It also features metric and imperial measurement and angle markings to aid you in your DIY projects. Last but not least, the Gear Infusion EverRatchet offers firestarting functionality, thanks to the included Flint2Go fire flint—simply use any of the tool’s flat edges as a striker. This versatile and capable keychain multi-tool comes in robust Stainless Steel at 0.70 ounces, or in lightweight and durable Titanium at 0.42 ounces. Check it out all the available variants at the link below.

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CampDiplIng ·
I did get one of the original ones.
However my torque requirements (in accordance with international standards) did overload it.
So if you really intent to use it do calculate carefully in advance, there is no (not to say a negative) reserve.
Andrew Horner ·
The link to the UK Amazon site takes you to some very cheap copies of this tool with some scathing reviews. Be careful. The proper tool costs ten times as much as the copies!

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