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Heroclip Carabiners

While originally designed as a climber’s accessory, over the years, the humble carabiner has found its way into many EDCers belt loops and bag straps. The simple design is a quick and easy way to consolidate gear, keep essentials handy, or keep your stuff off the ground for security and hygiene. But not all carabiners are built the same, and even the useful gated function has its limits. That’s where Heroclip’s unique take on the carabiner comes in: not only does it do everything a regular gated hook can, but its unique design lets it clip onto and hang from even the most challenging locations, making it one of the most useful accessories you can grab for EDC.

The magic behind the Heroclip is its patented 360-degree swivel and two-jointed folding hook system. The pivoting joint allows items to hang straight even from awkward mounting points on a bag, and removing items from the clip is easy with the extra-large swing gate on the carabiner. It even excels where most carabiners can’t even come close—hanging off the edges of tables, chairs, or shelves where attachment points aren’t always available. The Heroclip addresses the eternal problem of wanting to keep your bag off the floor at a restaurant or coffee shop, or even restrooms where bag hooks aren’t present.

Its precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction helps keep it lightweight as well, from 0.7 oz with the smallest Mini model and 2.0 oz for the largest Medium size. Speaking of sizes, there’s three in total, letting you choose what you need based on what you plan to hang off of it (or hang the Heroclip off of). And while these clips aren’t climbing rated, they will hold up to 40 to 60 pounds of gear in a pinch.

Whether you’re hanging a hydration bladder on a tree branch on an outdoor excursion, a bag from a suitcase handle while you’re on the move, or want to consolidate your EDC essentials with a versatile hook, Heroclip has a fastener to keep your stuff off the ground, organized, and accessible. Plus, for a limited time, you can use code EDCXHC at their online store to save 15% on your next purchase. Hang anything off anywhere and make a Heroclip part of your everyday carry now at the link below.

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Daniel Griffin ·
That's a pretty ingenious design.
I got the small one and it's great! handy as a carabiner and useful whenever you need to hang anything light, not wanting to put it on the ground