Primary and secondary for day to day journeys

John Wallace
Concord, CA
I am just giving a quick look into both my primary and secondary everyday carry.

the items you see that lay on top of the red rag are the items that i always carry on my person. the lynch All Access Pass, the Cadet, and the bullet pen all fit inside of the ARC company boulder wallet. All those together along with the Spyderco Shaman all fit in one pant pocket very well leaving my other pocket free for my phone.

To put the rest simple, they all have a purpose like the usb to hold my files, the bic for a fire, olight for light. etc etc, all the other items fit inside my Maxpedition sling bag with plenty of room still to spare.

the sling bag has a bit of everything and i bring that bag with me and leave it inside my car or inside whatever home i might be at for the time. times i am hiking or talking a walk into the city i will modify the bag accordingly to what each situation might be. but this is a look at what i typically pack for most day to day task and journeys.

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