Work From Home 3-Piece Combo

Chris Flores
Los Angeles, CA
The Seiko SKX013 has become my One Watch Collection during the pandemic. A best friend even as it has served me very well while working from home and throughout travel. This diver has evolved into a Grail watch in my eyes because of its durability, accuracy, and dependability.

The WESN Microblade 2.0 is everything I need packed in a 1.5-inch D2 steel blade. It's a very robust keychain knife with full-sized performance. I'm a simple man who admires simple utilitarian design. I'd say this one is a lifer in my roster.

Reading on the no-frills Amazon Kindle has been a very leisurely experience. I didn't know I needed one in my life until I randomly decided to get one. It has been my savior in helping me escape the hustle and bustle of A.D.D. culture.

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How do you like that micro blade? Been thinking about that or the Alman.
Chris Flores ·
The Microblade really fit my personal criteria for my daily roster. I wanted something that pretty much disappears when I put it in my pocket. And that's exactly what the Microblade does for me. It handles every single daily task I need it to do. That being said, the Alman is definitely a different beast. Sturdier blade and seemingly a sizeable carry. From my experience, WESN's value for money is spot on with the Microblade. Best of luck choosing! Would be curious to know what you decide to add to your carry...