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ThruNite BSS W1 Limited Edition Flashlight

Bernard Capulong
ThruNite BSS W1 Limited Edition Flashlight

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Thanks to advancements in flashlight technology, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your EDC light. However, many new lights are pushing the envelope of portability and getting smaller, or on the other end of the spectrum, pursuing sheer output and getting larger. For general EDC use, the ThruNite BSS W1 comes in as a solid middle ground with its just-right size and form factor, complete with modern features and an impressive 693 lumen output to boot. And with a design that’s geared more towards outdoor and urban use than tactical applications, it’s a compelling all-rounder light you can carry as your city-to-mountain torch.

ThruNite collaborated with Black Scout Survival for this limited edition of the W1, giving its EDC-friendly form factor a forest green anodized aluminum finish to fit the outdoor theme. At 2.68“ long, it's sized perfectly for a compact pocket carry and in-hand user experience: not too small like some keychain lights can be, and not nearly as bulky as other outdoor lights either. The shorter body accommodates a single, included micro-USB rechargeable 16340 battery. An electronic side switch lets you navigate its intuitive UI to access its 6 well-spaced brightness levels. It even grants quick access to specific modes with shortcuts, like a double press for Turbo mode and a long press to access Firefly mode.

The BSS W1 features an SST20 LED to achieve its maximum 693 lumen output and 544 ft throw on Turbo mode. Besides its Low, Mid, and High brightness settings, the BSS W1 also boasts a useful 0.5 lumen Firefly mode for extended runtimes (13 days!) and preserving night vision, as well as a Strobe feature for emergency situations. The W1 remembers your last used setting as well, making it convenient to get back to the task with just the right amount of light you need.

The ThruNite BSS W1 comes with plenty of EDC-friendly features to match its performance at the business end. It’s IPX-8 waterproof and impact resistant to 1.5M, equipped with a detachable dual-direction clip for your pocket or hat brim, and able to tail stand like a candle or mount to magnetic surfaces thanks to its flat, magnetic tail cap. Best of all, the BSS W1 comes with an affordable price tag, making it a great value for any EDCer on a budget. You can even save 20% off this light with promo code BSS202012at checkout, available on Amazon at the link below.

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Jeff Golenski ·
Looks great, but your review doesn't include one photo of it turned on in the dark being used. Come on! You gotta try harder if you want us to use your affiliate links! haha