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Clip & Carry Swiss LinQ Keychain Case

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Clip & Carry Swiss LinQ Keychain Case

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Few tools offer the sheer value and capability per square inch that a 58mm Swiss Army Knife does. For something small enough to sit on your keychain, you get an entire EDC’s worth of functionality, from tweezers to blades to scissors to so much more. But the tool does have its drawbacks. By dangling freely on your keychain it’s prone to making noise or get damaged by its proximity to your keys. And worse, it’s harder to use the tool itself with the rest of the keychain in the way of your task. Clip & Carry’s Swiss LinQ is a simple solution to all these problems. By offering a secure way to stash and deploy a Swiss Army Knife, it brings the tool to its full potential for EDC.

The efficiency of the Swiss LinQ is in its simplicity. Instead of hooking up your multi-tool onto your keychain, the Swiss LinQ instead allows you to dock the tool into its ABS and PC plastic shell. By taking the place of the SAK on your keychain, it protects it from damage and jangle, while at the same time giving you quick access when you need to deal with a task. When duty calls, you can detach the tool itself without the burden of the rest of your keys.

Its durable construction lets the Swiss LinQ withstand the rigors of daily use, and retains its shape even after extended use. It measures 76mm tall by 11.5mm wide, making it compatible with the Victorinox Classic SD, Jetsetter, and Rally 58mm models. It weighs 0.025 oz and is designed to to fit your multi-tool like a glove, saving your keychain from any extra bulk.

Clip & Carry is a brand by StatGear, who have published and fulfilled over a dozen successful Kickstarter campaigns. If the Swiss LinQ’s caught your eye, you can get one (or more) at a special price at their fully funded campaign at the link below.

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Erik G ·
got one!!!!

at statgeartools
Thank You!
Thank you for your article. Where do you buy this?
Sarah R ·
This is great! I have knives to use them, but I also worry about them getting beat up on my keychain.