My almost all black EDC

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Kansas City, MO
My daily essentials, I've tried to keep it mostly black but I have yet to find a matte black slim clip wallet that is as good as the original.

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Great set. Do you carry all stuff in your pockets ?

Left front pocket
-Phone, knife, keys and sharpie
Right front pocket
-Wallet, zippo, tactical pen, flashlight
Coin pocket
-Gerber Dime
Back Right pocket
-Field Notes

The mont blanc usually goes in the chest pocket of my button up or if I am wearing a polo I place it at the bottom of the second button.
I like the tin holding the wrist devices!
Thanks, the tin has some goodies as well!
Marc is making a great point here! There are a couple watches in my rotation that refuse to stand on their own, nor can they lay flat because of a thick rubber/neoprene band...this is a super solution.
Guess my on the fly idea worked, I was having trouble getting a clear shot and decided to use the tin as a stand.
Sharpie Pen FTW! The SS pen is worth the "not-blackness." The plastic versions are black bodied but still have plastic painted-on chrome... better to stick with the SS!
Nice set, I need to get a key solution like that. Dig how you have the small multi tool and flashlight, mine are both a little on the large side.
The gerber dime has been great, the most useful tool has been the retail packaging opener. Makes quick work of those difficult to open clamshell cases.
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