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These go with me almost everywhere. The Gerber Dime is optional (usually attached to my laptop bag with another Nite Ize Micro Lock). Didn't think to include my watch - Casio GW9100-1 G-Shock Gulfman Solar Atomic Watch -- I absolutely love it. It sets itself every night and charges itself everyday and doesn't look half bad, either. I hope to add a Ruger LC9s sometime very soon...

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Melanie ·
Love the Banknote wallet! I have been looking for a wallet small enough to hold the x small Moleskine.
I found the Architect Wallet and the Park Sloper Wallet and both are rather pricey. Finally stumbled into the Banknote on Kickstarter for half the price of the others. I am sure the quality is better on those 2, but I'm pretty pleased with the Banknote after a few weeks of use.
Melanie ·
I saw both of those too and was thrown by the high price. I ended up on Etsy and got one custom made for about half the cost but I really like yours so I just might have to pick one up!
Chris Szaroleta ·
Great stuff!
What case do you have the z3v in?
Bert ·
Incipio Dualpro ☺
how are your keys staying together like that?
Just pinched them together and balanced them. :)