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Henry Van De Venter

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josiah Huston ·
I haven't been handled a ruike yet, but I keep debating getting an angraved p801 from DNAlasering.
Henry Van De Venter ·
It's a great folder. Extremely smooth opening and the blade is very slicy. Great edge profile and it keeps that edge very well.
I don't put it through extremely hard use, but I use it multiple times a day for a variety of tasks and it definitely finds its way into my EDC rotation more often than not.
josiah Huston ·
Thanks for the input. I may just have to add one to my collection. Especially for the price.
For about a year I have been carrying a Ruike P801 (black stone wash), so I thought I would share a little insight...

The knife does offer a lot for a great value. But I have run into some issues with mine. The knife has lost some of its tightness in the lock-up. It does have a bit of a jiggle to it when locked open, but no risk of it not staying open so I am not too concerned. Also a can tell that grit and lint have built up in the bearings. I have taken it apart before and done some cleaning, but the last time I tried, the little torx screws stripped my screw driver head. Then when I got a new screw driver, the torx screws on the knife also became stripped. So at this point I can't disassemble and clean the knife.

Also, the pocket clip snapped off recently. Amazon has a set of 2 replacement Civivi pocket clips for $5 and it was a perfect fit.

Bottom line, just keep in mind this is a budget knife. It is a GREAT beater knife, but eventually it will have so many issues, you might need to toss it. At $35, just go buy a new one though! I just wanted to mention this because you are talking about a custom engraving job, and I'd hate to think you wasted that sort of money on a throw-away knife. You MAY be able to buy a new one and swap parts to keep your engraved pieces, but it is a gamble-- you may also end up with stripped screws like I did.

For an EDC beater knife at $35-- I give this thing 5 stars. If I had paid $100+, it would be about 1 star.