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Skullcandy Dime Wireless Earbuds

Mikey Bautista
Skullcandy Dime Wireless Earbuds

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If you’ve upgraded to a modern smartphone within the last few years, you may have considered upgrading your earphones to true wireless as well. There are plenty of great reasons to make the jump: the sheer convenience of not having any wires to tangle, instant pairing to get right to your call or music, and even active noise canceling on advanced models. But one thing seems to be a constant among modern wireless earbuds—the cost. Which is why Skullcandy’s new Dime wireless earbuds attack the price head on, offering tremendous value at an unprecedented price.

We should get it out of the way right now: the Skullcandy Dimes cost only $25. For many people, that’s the start and end of the discussion. At 1/10 the cost of some popular models, the Dime is firmly in impulse buy territory versus an investment you need to plan for.

Unlike many options at this price point, you get way more than you pay for, from a brand that knows its stuff. In spite of the low cost, there are plenty of features in the Dime that make them a solid choice for your everyday earbuds. You get up to 12 hours of battery life, with 3.5 hours in the buds themselves and 8.5 in the charging case. The case itself also pushes the limits of size, at only 2.45“ x 1.5”. That’s little more than a car key fob, while a lot less than its alternatives on the market. Micro USB charging, a snap lid, and an included lanyard make EDCing the Dime easy and convenient, too.

The earbuds themselves pack a lot of tech, including true wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 (which also lets them automatically pair with your device), microphones in each bud for ambidextrous operation, and even a full set of controls on the buds themselves. And for active users, IPX4 keeps the buds protected from sweat and water, so they’re a great addition to your gym carry as well. Last but least, Skullcandy stand by the buds with their Fearless Use Promise, letting you purchase and replace just the parts that get broken or lost, saving you from buying new earphones every time.

The Skullcandy Dime wireless earbuds is probably the best and easiest addition you can make to your daily tech EDC, with a compelling price that's hard to beat. Check out all four colorways at the link below.

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