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Gerber Armbar Slim Cut

Jonathan Tayag
Gerber Armbar Slim Cut

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We carry knives to get our everyday tasks done, but sometimes they aren’t the right tool for the job. Sometimes the situation calls for a pair of scissors, but carrying a dedicated set can still be a tough pill to swallow especially when your pocket space is already limited. That’s why tools like the new Gerber Armbar Slim Cut are a great option when you’re trying to pare down to the essentials, giving you indispensable EDC tools in one compact package.

As the name implies, the Gerber Armbar Slim is an even more lightweight and compact version of their original Armbar tool, which ditches the screwdriver bit holder for a sleeker design that emphasizes the scissors and the blade instead. That focus brings the Armbar Slim down to 2.1 oz from the original’s 3.5 oz of weight, and it’s also slightly thinner at 0.6" compared to 0.71".  It retains the 2.5" plain edge blade which locks into place with a solid frame lock, as well as a handy pair of scissors. Notable in the design is the large cutout in the handle that allows for easy one-handed manual opening of either tool, letting you get the appropriate cutting implement out and ready at a moment’s notice. And when your work is done you can use the bottle opener at the rear to crack open a drink of your choice to unwind.

With the Gerber Armbar Slim Cut in hand, you can slim down your EDC to just one useful tool, without the need to carry an additional pair of scissors and bottler opener around in your pockets as you go about your business. It’s a simple and effective solution for cramped pockets, so check it out at the link below, with two additional colorways coming soon.

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Dan S ·
The link takes us to the wrong product
James Caldwell ·
Is it actually .6 thick? I feel like that must be for the drive slim, not the cut slim