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270ultimate ·
Awesome key hack on the Leatherman. I had all the pieces to make the instructable one out of half of a Walmart fishing multitool several years ago. But I ended up downsizing on a couple of keys, and it didn't make as much sense for me.
Edmundo ·
Thanks! I really like this setup but sometimes I think I'd like a little more function. Been considering a full micra with a single key (which is ultimately all I need). I've also been thinking about a Leatherman PS4, re-covered in Micarta with the file swapped out for a key as kind of an all-in-one carry. I also wapped a key for the blade on a Leatherman Squirt (the one with just a nail file, scissors and blade)

Were you going to use the Gerber mini Bear Grylls tool for your platform? Seems like a nice little tool
270ultimate ·
The tool I had bought for it was the basic Walmart brand for fishing stuff. Berkley, I believe. I've also seen some people use a Coast one.

...if I drop the dollars for a Gerber one, (let alone an actual Leatherman!) I doubt I would follow through with the Dremel.