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Benchmade 535BK-4 M390 Bugout

Mikey Bautista
Benchmade 535BK-4 M390 Bugout

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With plenty of colorways both in official releases and aftermarket mods, premium iterations, and even a handful of limited edition collaborations, you would think that Benchmade had made the most out of their tremendously popular Bugout. But it seems the sky is the limit for this knife as it hits a new high, with the 535BK-4 offering an all-metal construction and one of the best blade steels money can buy. Yes, you need to add this Bugout to your collection.

If you’ve never held or used a Bugout before, it comes with a fair share of features that have contributed to its success as one of the most popular EDC pocket knives. The 3.24“ blade with a 3” cutting edge and versatile drop point shape comes straight from the original 535’s design, as is its use of Benchmade’s iconic AXIS lock for ease of use, secure lockup, and ambidextrous operation. On the 535BK-4, this blade is executed in a DLC-coated, blacked-out M390 steel, one often found in the highest end of knives offering one of the best edge retentions in the business.

The blade comes with dual maroon thumb studs, offering a striking color hit against the 535BK-4’s monochrome palette. These thumb studs match the maroon barrel standoffs in the handles, departing from the backspacer design of the previous premium Bugout. These 6061-T6 aluminum handles are the highlight of this model, offering full metal construction while still keeping the knife as light at possible at 2.5 ounces. They come in a starburst pattern, offering grip as well a sleek new style for the line. And of course, a reversible pocket clip covers the Bugout’s bases for EDC.

Just when you thought the Bugout had run its course, Benchmade continues to surprise with new and exciting iterations that have pushed the boundaries since its release in 2017. Pick up one of the best Bugouts yet at the links below.

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