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For decades G-SHOCK has become the go-to watch whenever you want indestructible durability and a solid set of everyday timekeeping features. And while tough-as-nails quality will always be the foundation of each G-SHOCK, modern and evolving tech means a watch that can keep up with your daily moves, anytime, anywhere. The GBD200-1 is the frontrunner in the G-SHOCK MOVE lineup, taking inspiration from the tough watches that came before while offering modern tracking as a companion for every activity.

The GBD200-1 presents a digital display wrapped with a square case design, reminiscent of classic G-SHOCK offerings with a thin 15mm profile. This compact form means you can get all the toughness and features you expect without the added bulk. This also gives you a lighter wrist for workouts, the ability to slip under jackets and long sleeves, and more comfort for all-day wear and tracking, especially when paired with the soft urethane band.

As part of the MOVE lineup the GBD200-1’s core features revolve around fitness, including a step tracker, interval timers, lap time measurement, as well as a calories burned tracker, giving you a solid suite of numbers to work on for personal improvement. You can also connect the GBD200-1 to your smartphone via Bluetooth to take full advantage of GPS for calibration and running distance, speed and pace measurements. Once calibrated, there’s no need to be tethered to your smartphone on your next run. Whether your smartphone is on you or not, the GBD200-1 can sync with G-SHOCK's MOVE smartphone app and log your activity history so you can compare and measure your statistics over time, perfect for helping you improve your performance and manage your health.

But let’s not forget that this goal-crushing machine is also a life-proof G-SHOCK. This means setting the standard for toughness and resilience like 200M of water resistance, a scratch-resistant mineral glass, a shock-resistant resin case, as well as an LED super-illuminator backlight for when your fitness journey takes you to low-light environments. All of it packed inside a 49mm case that weighs in at only 58g, in keeping with the GBD200-1’s compact profile.

The G-SHOCK GBD200-1 is the watch to wear when the “C” in your EDC stands for curls, cardio, and calisthenics. Pick it up in two colors at the link below.

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saint_shinobi ·
Dang it, I was a G-Shock wearer, but needed a fitness watch so I opted for the Garmin Instinct, great watch, but nothing beats that square G-Shock design to me... I'll probably pick this one up once my Instinct bites the dust.
Matthew Del Rocco ·
Seems like a great watch. Strange that G-Shock would promote it when it seems to be out of stock everywhere...