Full day, EDC.

Greenville, SC
The past two EDCs I've shared reflect my preference for little as possible on my person. Today I wanted to share some of my bag+pocket carry.

My day consists of a lot of variety: working as full-time IT support, freelancing digital media support, teaching piano lessons and gigging piano and guitar means I have some random gear—and yes I still use a pencil! (Love a good mechanical pencil...)

I've got some doubles: I often leave my bag in the office or in the car. The most recent add to my rotation is the Civivi Baby Banter which I absolutely love. I switch between the Baby Banter, Elementum and Native 5 LW in my pocket, but the action on the Baby is just great and finds the most pocket time. It's a great little knife. I love little knives.

I'm a long-time Bullet Journal-er (?), so all of my notebooks are dotted.

Not shown is my bag (Land's End bag that I've had for years).

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