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SOG Twitch II

Ed Jelley

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The SOG Twitch II is an excellent option for those who want an every day carry blade that doesn’t break the bank, yet still integrates quality steel and features seen in much more expensive knives. SOG’s proprietary SAT (SOG Assisted Technology) spring-assisted opening mechanism makes for effortless one-handed opening, adding both speed and convenience to its operation. The 2.65-inch AUS-8 steel blade locks securely into place in both the open and closed positions. A reversible bayonet pocket clip allows for deep pocket carry on the left or right side and can also double as a money clip due to its substantial width. The Twitch II by SOG is available with a plain edge or combo blade in grey, black or rosewood and includes a lifetime warranty, giving you several options to fit the rest of your carry.


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Anthony Tilar ·
I can vouch for this knife, I have it included with my EDC. Holding it for the first time you can tell how great the build quality is. Extremely fast deployment with little effort. Also includes a safety switch that works in both the open and closed knife position. I definitely recommend this knife.
Chris Szaroleta ·
I do appreciate SOG folders. For me, their fixed blades just don't meet the same quality standards. Regardless, Ed's review of the Twitch II is spot on!
Bruce Satow ·
It's a nice design, but I don't feel that the deployment is as fast as my Benchmade knives. The steel sharpens easily, but dulls fast too. Nice for a basic EDC knife.