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Rob Reid
My EDC is always evolving. But in recent years I've narrowed it down in colour and material. I seem to land most often on black, blue, stonewashed titanium, and natural leathers that show patina. These here are by far my most used items. I switch between the knives from day-to-day. I love the Baby Banter, but it is a bit small, so I find the Pintail a bit more useful at times. While inexpensive, the Lumintop flashlight works perfectly - bright, small, lightweight. The BigiDesign bolt action pen is the best pen I've ever owned - it's extremely comfortable to write with and addictive to fidget. The mini hank has microfibre cloth on the backside, which is useful for cleaning sunglasses and screens. And the wooden pocket comb is thick and strong enough for daily carry (which many wooden pocket combs are not).

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Jonah ·
BABY BANTER—the BB is my favorite knife I own, and the Pintail is my favorite knife that I don’t yet own 😂 Solid carry!