Just what I need

Niko Huupponen
Imatra Finland
The whole has formed over many years and here is finally starting to be everything I need on a daily basis.

The leather wallet and leather keychain are everyday luxuries, but also time-resistant and practical. The comb and ballpoint pen come with you because whenever you need it, it can’t be found anywhere and doesn’t take up much space in your pockets.

I don’t need Zippo so much to smoke, but surprisingly often it finds use, even to borrow a friend who forgot his own home.

Victorinox knives of all sizes I have found useful, in a keychain bringing a "grip surface" and also a flashlight I need, that's why it has a Midnight Manager. I keep three Victorinox knives as the main edc knife in the round, usually with either Compact, Climber or Spartan in my pocket. Most of the time I just need a knife and a screwdriver, Spartan works well here and when I know I need scissors, then I take a Compact or Climber in my pocket.

Benchmade is just so good in quality and practical, the locking mechanism is really sleek to use and secure, holds its blades well and is easy to sharpen. thanks to the pocket clip, it takes up little space.

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