Illustration Essentials

Sam Larson
Portland, OR
- Handmade Wallet — I made this myself.
- iPhone 5 — What I take all my instagram photos with.
- Apple Headphones — Easy for on the go music and podcasts.
- Beanie — It’s been through a lot and has been stitched back together a couple of times.
- Keys and an old copper arrowhead souvenir on a Kimberlin Co. Brass Key Hook
- BIC Mechanical Pencil — for occasionally sketching rough outlines before inking
- Copic Multiliners — for inking
- Copic Marker — for coloring
- Letraset Marker — for coloring
- Steel Bison pocket notebook — for notes, ideas, and quick sketches.

Most of what I carry on a daily basis is to have on me if I need to write or sketch down an idea at any point. If I have some time to kill while waiting, I will pull out my little pocket notebook and sketch.

There is nothing I feel like I need to add at this moment. I'm not that guy that lugs around a 50 pound backpack everywhere. I try to keep things as simple as possible. My pocket notebooks are probably my favorite thing. I've sketched some of my favorite art in those.

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Alexandre Vergara ·
Homemade wallet. I respect this.
Shiel Sullivan ·