Daily Simple Pocket Carry EDC

This is my daily EDC in my pockets. I switch out the watch if I am in a business or formal environment. I've carried this set up for years. I have a get home bag stocked with the essentials in my car. The flashlight is a generic Amazon sourced flashlight, the same with the USB stick. I installed TAILS Linux on it so I can use any computer or laptop to access vital info (ask Snowden). I've owned the Leatherman for over 30 years and has never failed me, as you can see it gets used. My Suunto Vector is 20 years old and works flawlessly, the straight razor is my Father's and have carried it since he passed away 18 years ago and I use it all the time. The pepper spray is a non lethal back up. Everything has a purpose and is simple and easy to carry. My fully stocked get home bag is in my SUV for more extreme situations. Not shown is my Glock 43x and 2 mags in a custom holster. I don't show it as many forums don't want firearms.

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