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Dango's Father's Day Gift Guide for 2022

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Dango's Father's Day Gift Guide for 2022

Father’s Day is a few weeks away, and if you still haven’t given it any thought, don’t worry. Dango has some solid offerings, so you don’t have to stress about showing up empty-handed. Dads can be challenging to shop for, so this list has a little bit of everything. As long as he values practical, long-lasting tools made here in the USA (let’s face it, who doesn’t?), chances are there is something on this list that he’ll love. Dango has you covered with everything from wallets to watches. You might even find a little something for yourself along the way too.

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A10 Spec-Ops Adapt Wallet

Dango makes quality wallets with a metal frame that doubles as a practical multitool. The A10 Spec-Ops Adapt carries on this legacy with its bifold and single-pocket offerings. The bifold can hold up to 18 cards and a pull tab to access 4 of the most used cards. It also comes with the MT01 clasp tool for keeping the wallet closed. It adds five more features to an already impressive wallet, including a chisel, bottle opener, and others. If a bifold isn’t dad’s style, the A10 Spec-Ops Adapt wallet also comes in a single-pocket option.

Both come with the MT05 multi-tool, which has 18 different tools built into a single solid piece of rugged aluminum. Whether he needs a hex wrench, nail pryer, flathead, or even a sharp edge for cutting, dad will always have what he needs right in his pocket. It’s also made with Dango’s own DTEX material: flexible, tough, water-resistant, and even secure with RFID blocking.

You can also find the Spec-Ops branding and enhanced features offered in the Dango M-series and T-series wallets. One thing is for sure; whatever adventures dad finds himself in, a good Dango wallet will have his back.

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Dango Carabiner and Shackle

When it comes to carrying keys, nothing beats a good old-fashioned carabiner. Except this is one carabiner/shackle combo that solves the problem of a noisy keyring. It’s hard to be discreet when everyone can hear you coming from a block away. Dango's Carabiner and Shackle might be the ultimate solution if you’re looking to help dad organize that mess on his keychain.

The carabiner is built from 6061 aerospace aluminum, while the shackle is tough stainless steel, but both pieces are CNC-machined to precision. The carabiner has dual chambers with two spring-gated clips that keep the carabiner attached to its anchor point and the keys in place on the carabiner. Removing keys is as simple as opening the gates one at a time and guiding the keys out. Requiring the gates to be open sequentially makes it impossible for keys to fall out accidentally.  

It also has a few other attachment points for any other keyring essentials that dad carries. For example, that annoying key fob that never seems to fit on any keyring. Then there is the shackle that bolts onto the carabiner and keeps up to 8 keys organized. If you decide to get this for dad, you can consider the jangling key problem solved.

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D03 Dapper Bifold Wallet

The D03 Dapper wallet takes the tactical look and feel that Dango is known for and wraps it in top-grain leather. It starts with an aluminum frame built to withstand almost anything. Quality leather is fastened to the metal frame, so you get the best of both worlds of durable and natural materials. The leather patinas over time so dad can make it his own, while the steel gives it a lifetime of sturdiness. The entire wallet is also less than half an inch thick, allowing for a comfortable carry experience regardless of the activity.

It’s not only the rugged build that makes this a great wallet. Dango's rail system gives quick access to 14 RFID-protected cards, while an internal window provides easy access to his identification. A tough elastic band around the outside is also perfect for keeping a few bills close at hand when cash is needed. The D03 Dapper wallet is on sale for only $39 right now, half its original price, while giving dad a solid Dango wallet solution.

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Dango Executive Pen

One gift that is always appreciated is a beautiful pen. A great tool should stand the test of time, and the Executive Pen from Dango is a perfect example. Whether he spends his time taking notes in the field or signing checks at the office, get him a gift that will be useful for years to come.

The Executive Pen measures 7” and weighs 1.7oz thanks to lightweight 6061 aerospace aluminum construction. It’s CNC-machined, so everything from the screw-on cap to the stainless clip fits just right and showcases the meticulous attention to detail that you’d expect from Dango. The cap also has lanyard holes if that’s dads preferred carry method. Thankfully, refilling the pen isn't a headache as it accepts the standard Schmidt 5888M Safety Ceramic Rollerball ink. It comes in Satin Silver or Jet Black colorways, easy additions to any dad’s EDC.

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Dango Belts

Dango’s Belts highlight everything that the company does so well with manufacturing. It combines clever design and quality materials to improve something that you didn't know needed improving. The belt buckle is entirely 7075 aluminum, and it is completely removable. By swapping the buckle between the brown leather, black leather, or resistant DTEX materials, dad will have a belt for any occasion for years to come.

Like everything Dango makes, its belts do more than meet the eye: this buckle has a hidden capsule compartment perfect for stashing small emergency items on a rainy day. It fits a few emergency pills, matches, or even fishing line, so he'll be ready for anything. Dad might not be an actual superhero, but the Dango Belt will make him feel like one.

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Dango Spec-Ops Watch

It’s tradition to pass down watches from father to son, but that doesn’t mean the same can’t be true in reverse. Gift dad the perfect timepiece this year with the Dango Spec-Ops watch. This rugged watch takes inspiration from the military and first responders, so everything from the 22mm quick release bands to the tough mineral crystal glass can easily handle a tough situation.

Being able to tell time quickly and accurately is essential for everyday watches. The Spec-Ops watch makes legibility a top priority with a large 45mm case that allows for large 3-6-9-12 numerals on the watch face. Pair that with luminescent hands and dial markers, and telling time is a breeze even in low light. It’s all powered by the workhorse Miyota 2315 quartz movement, which only needs to have its tiny 377 battery swapped once every few years.

The Dango Spec-Ops watch can handle more demanding situations, with a water resistance of up to 50m and a unique ceramic Cerakote coating that greatly increases its durability and resilience. This watch will look good no matter what dad puts it through.

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Dango Cash Tray with DTEX Pads

Most people have their variation of the "phone, wallet, keys" pat down before leaving the house. But one thing that’s often overlooked is where to put those essential items once you get back home. The Cash Tray with DTEX Pads from Dango makes the perfect catch-all companion for dad to empty his pockets at the end of the day.

The entire tray is one solid piece of bead-blasted aluminum, complete with anti-slip rubber footing to stay in place. Flexible DTEX pads along the inside make for a soft place to put any spare change, cash, or pens, and it’ll also fit any Dango wallet as well, as an added perk. However he chooses to use it, the Cash Tray makes for a unique gift that dad (and his EDC) will surely find a good use for.

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