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The Best Smart Wallets in 2023

Mikey Bautista
The Best Smart Wallets in 2023

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Next to one’s phone and keys, a wallet is probably everyone’s most essential carry item. It’s meant to do one job–carry your cash and cards well–and usually, that’s the end of its duties. But with the rise of more innovative and compact tech, wallets can do so much more in such little space. This guide looks at some of the best smart wallets you can buy, each offering an essential security or convenience feature to take your EDC to the next level.

Ridge Carbon Case Smart Wallet

Ridge’s flagship aluminum minimalist wallet measures a mere 0.24” thick and lets you carry and RFID protect up to 12 of your most used cards. Your choice of a built-in cash strap or money clip means that you’ll always have a few bills on hand for your favorite cash-only lunch spot. The Carbon Case for AirTag attachment instantly upgrades any Ridge wallet by providing a sturdy and secure kevlar casing for an Apple AirTag, allowing you to track your wallet and ensure it never gets left behind. It attaches to any Ridge wallet via a secure steel base, making it a reliable accessory for your everyday essentials. And if you haven’t picked up a Ridge wallet for yourself, you can choose from various colors, materials, and finishes to match your style without sacrificing functionality or security.

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Hayvenhurst Smart Wallet

A surefire way to have a bad day is misplacing your wallet and leaving behind your essential cards and cash. That’s why Apple’s new AirTags are a godsend: they’re incredibly compact yet perfectly functional as a tracking device for your equipment. Hayvenhurst’s smart wallet takes full advantage of an AirTag by integrating a slot for one right into its premium full-grain leather exterior. And that’s on top of a 12-card capacity, pull-out tabs for easy card retrieval, and even RFID protection for the complete package. Pick one up in three colors at the link below.

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Nomad Card Wallet Plus Smart Wallet

Nomad’s Card Wallet Plus makes a classy callback to leather wallets of yesteryear while adding a modern spin on the design and functionality. It’s as premium as it gets with Horween leather construction, able to fit 12-16 cards and folded cash. A unique thermoforming process gives the wallet a shape that allows it to accommodate its contents without stretching out the leather, preserving it for longer. And while the wallet takes its roots from traditional bifolds, it’s ready for the future with smart additions like AirTag and Chipolo CARD accessories that fit right into its slots.

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AVIATOR AirTag Cash Clip Smart Wallet

The AirTag Cash Clip is a smart addition to AVIATOR’s slim plate-based wallets, integrating into the elastic and able to store both an Apple AirTag and folded cash. It’s an easy install into AVIATOR’s Slide, Slide One, and Classic wallets, and the Cash Clip is made of laser-sintered Nylon PA12 3D-printed material for a custom fit for both the AirTag and your bills.

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Fantom AirTag Holder Smart Wallet

Fantom’s AirTag Holder is a smart accessory for their S and R series wallets like the others on this list. It’s a low-profile attachment that sits outside the wallet, perfectly sized to fit an AirTag without interfering with the Fantom wallet’s regular operation. It’s easy to install, comes with all the tools you need to do so, and works with Fantom’s money clip for complementary functionality.

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Raptic Tactical Smart Wallet

Raptic’s tactical wallet is deceptively minimalist, with a main vegan leather compartment able to hold up to four cards or a combination of two cards and folded bills. Its secret is its two special integrations: the first is a card-sized stainless steel multi-tool with 12 functions, and the second is a built-in slot for an AirTag, so the wallet is always within range. You get a handful of drivers and cutters, a pry bar, a bottle opener, and a series of wrenches, among others, and a ¼” ruler even helps out with measurements in a pinch. And in the center of both the tool and the wallet is the dedicated AirTag slot for all your tracking needs.

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WXM Tactical Smart Wallet

WXM’s tactical wallet follows the tried-and-true minimalist plate design but takes its materials to the next level with a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. It has plenty of space for up to 15 cards, all RFID-protected, with an outer notch to help retrieve the one you need. It also has an integrated clip that serves double duty as pocket retention and a money clip. Lastly, the WXM tactical wallet has a super-tough AirTag slot built right into one of the plates, giving it a smart solution to prevent it from getting lost.

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Aiuwo Credit Card Holder Smart Wallet

Aiuwo goes for the slim design with their credit card holder, with a three-compartment system uniquely held together by magnets. The entire wallet is barely larger than the cards it stores and folded up, it measures just 0.6” thick. Its first compartment comes with a pop-up slider that quickly fans out up to five of your essential cards, and on the inside, it comes with a slot for folded cash. The other two compartments hold additional card slots on the interior, and on the rear, there’s a specialized holder for an Apple AirTag. Pick out your favorite material and color at the link below.

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RUNBOX AirTag Smart Wallet

With a classic bifold design with clever upgrades in the right places, RUNBOX’s AirTag smart wallet is the best of both worlds of traditional and modern options. On the inside is a familiar bifold design, with space for up to 12 cards, an ID window, and a separate bill section, all protected from RFID attacks. But it’s the outside where the RUNBOX takes a cue from modern minimalist wallets, with quick access slots for your most essential cards on one side and an AirTag space on the other. You have a choice of seven color and material combinations to match the rest of your aesthetic, so take your pick below.

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Hawanik Minimalist Front Pocket Smart Wallet

If you want the extra peace of mind an AirTag adds to your everyday wallet but don’t want to break the bank, Hawanik’s minimalist option is a great choice. This leather card holder is deceptively simple but has space for five cards, an ID in the window slot, and up to six folded bank notes. It makes efficient use of every space possible, with the open area on the front a perfect place to add an AirTag pocket. Best of all, for under $13, you get a choice of 12 colors to best match the rest of your kit.

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