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Grayman and Company Impact-Resistant Sunglasses

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Chris Van Hoven
Grayman and Company Impact-Resistant Sunglasses

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It’s safe to say that we’re all familiar with the concept of impact-resistant ballistic eyewear, and we’re equally familiar with the compromise that the protection they offered always had a trade-off in return, whether in terms of clarity or aesthetics. Grayman and Company is here to change all that with the introduction of three unique unisex sunglasses designed for both form and function.

Specially made for refined, everyday wear, these sunglasses are the culmination of a two-year project that started when Grayman's founder began researching stylish alternatives to the less-than-stylish sunglasses that make up the bulk of impact resistance eyewear on the market.

The three models–Keyhole, Small Keyhole, and Acetate Aviator–feature a state-of-the-art polarized urethane lens technology that allows them to provide unrivaled impact resistance, scratch resistance, and clarity rivaling glass without sacrificing style.

Grayman and Company have tested the lenses against a 6.35mm steel ball launched at over 150 feet per second, the same tests used to assess ANSI Z87.1 ratings for high-velocity impact. The lenses have also achieved an ABBE value exceeding 45, the maximum score on the clarity test, which means the wearer experiences less chromatic aberration. And with a Bayer rating of 6, the lenses are rated to exceed the scratch resistance of mineral glass. As a point of comparison, polycarbonate lenses such as those used in ballistic eyewear are highly vulnerable to scratches, with a Bayer rating of 1.

Adding style to substance are lightweight Mazzuchelli acetate frames sourced from Varese, Italy, where the Mazzucchelli family has been producing world-class acetate frames since 1849.


Similar to the style of eyewear worn by James Dean, the Keyhole features a timeless design popular worldwide. Its keyhole-style nose bridge keeps the shape elegant and sophisticated, while the rounded bottoms give it that extra dose of debonair air.

Small Keyhole

Smaller and less round than the taller Keyhole frame, the Small Keyhole model is for those who value discretion, featuring a more utilitarian and understated feel. They’re the most basic of the three models, keeping the basic silhouette of modern sunglasses stripped of any flair, making them perfect for those who just want to blend in.

Acetate Aviator

The aviator frame hasn’t stopped looking cool since they became popular in the 1970s, and these are Grayman and Company’s take on the much-loved classic. It’s a retro look without shiny metallic hardware, resulting in a more understated take on the famous frame.

While Grayman and Company sources components from Japan, Italy, and China, they assemble the glasses by hand in the United States. The Keyhole and Acetate Aviator are each available in five classic frame colors, while the Small Keyhole has three frame colors to choose from. Grab your pair at the link below.

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