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Vital Carry Spike Bar

Chris Van Hoven
Vital Carry Spike Bar

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It’s easy to go about your day without giving a second thought to all the small tasks you do with your hands. From loosening stubborn knots and tearing open a difficult bag of chips to prying staples from documents and removing a stuck battery, these jobs are often simple enough to “brute force” with our hands and fingers alone without the use of a tool. Sure, we could use a pocket knife if we had one close by, but there’s always a chance of damaging the knife tip, and it simply wouldn’t be worth it. So, painful finger prying it is.

Categorized under “things you never knew you needed until now” is the Vital Carry Spike Bar. Weighing less than 2 oz, the Vital Carry Spike Bar features a titanium spike that serves many uses. Besides prying things open and poking holes in whatever needs poking, you can use it as a plumb-bob or awl for your next construction project, a can opener, an ice pick, or a leather/sheet puncher. You can also use it to press small reset buttons or as a tool for adjusting tire air pressure through the valve stem.

Measuring a mere 3.25” long with the spike out and 2.7” with the titanium spike stored inside the 6061 aluminum or copper case, the Vital Carry Spike Bar is easy to add to any key chain or organizer thanks to the included keyring, allowing you to keep it handy whenever you need it. And you absolutely will need it.

With its lifetime warranty, solid construction, and a multitude of practical uses, there’s no reason to miss out on adding the Vital Carry Spike Bar to your everyday carry. Grab yours from the link below.

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