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Skullcandy Gaming Headsets

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Chris Van Hoven
Skullcandy Gaming Headsets

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Whether it’s detecting the direction of quiet footsteps or relaying clear instructions to teammates, the world of gaming arguably has one of the most demanding uses of audio peripherals. Gamers–competitive gamers in particular–demand the best from their gaming headsets. Not only do these headsets need excellent sound separation, effective noise cancellation, a wide soundstage, and background noise removal, but they need to be exceptionally comfortable as well, as they’re usually worn for hours on end. Skullcandy is no stranger to the challenge. It’s back with three all-new gaming headsets emphasizing the three essential aspects every gamer wants from their headset: exceptional audio clarity, seamless communication, and long-use comfort.

Leading the pack is the flagship Skullcandy PLYR, the ideal solution for gamers looking for the flexibility of both wired and wireless play. It boasts Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for enhanced power management and crystal clear audio for gamers who don’t want the added distraction of dangling cables during intense sessions. It features significant 50mm drivers housed in comfortable memory foam ear cups with a noise-isolating fit. The ear cup material is made from moisture-wicking and breathable spandex for added comfort during hours of play. Easy-to-reach controls enable gamers to quickly mute and adjust the volume on the fly, while the removable mic comes with a status LED to indicate whether the user is muted or not.

To make the gaming experience as immersive as possible, Skullcandy uses a technology called Enhanced Sound Perception (ESP). Similar to Skullcandy’s Personal Sound technology but re-engineered specifically for gaming, the user is asked to take a hearing test via the Skull-HQ PC app to tune the drivers specific to their unique hearing. Think of it as prescription glasses, but for your ears. PLYR also features Clear Voice Smart Mic, which uses AI to isolate the speaker’s voice and cut out background noises such as keyboard and mouse clicks or loud fans, saving your teammates from any unwanted noise coming through comms.  

Not ready to make the jump to wireless? The SLYR Pro is for gamers looking for a premium, wired-only gaming experience. It still offers the same tech as the PLYR such as ESP and Clear Voice Mic, but instead includes both a USB-C to USB-A and a 3.5mm aux cable which eliminates any possibility of latency brought about by wireless protocols (even if Skullcandy already claims latency as low as 20ms using their own Ultra-Low latency Wireless Transmitter).

Rounding out the collection is the Skullcandy SLYR, aimed at more casual players seeking an entry-level solution. While lacking the ESP and Clear Voice Smart Mic technology found on the PLYR and SLYR Pro, it still features the large 50mm audio drivers, detachable bi-directional boom mic, and comfortable memory foam ear cups.

PLYR, SLYR Pro, and SLYR are all compatible with multiple gaming devices such as your PC, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, or mobile phone. But that doesn’t mean these headsets are only helpful for gaming. Skullcandy’s noise canceling technologies are just as useful for online meetings or conference calls as they are on a virtual battlefield, giving you no reason not to check them out at the link below.

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