Climbing a mountain with traveling light.

Peter Liu
trading (age 33)
New York, NY
To be honest, I don't have any sports genes, but I like climbing to the top of the mountain to see the gorgeous sea of clouds and sunset. Every time I drove halfway up the mountain and then climbed the mountain with a few pieces of equipment - a sports watch, an SLR, an iPhone, a mobile phone stabilizer, a car key, and a wallet.

• Braided Leather Keychain
The keychain made of this material is quite suitable for my car key, with a good feel and high-cost performance. When I come home from a busy day, I can easily hang it on the hook on the porch.

• Canon EOS 80D
If your budget is at this price, the 80D is very suitable for learning photography. It is a mid-tier computer at a quasi-professional level. Although it is a half-frame, it has a full range of functions. The overall control experience and straight image quality are very incredible. Its shoulder screen is large shoulder screen just like a high-end computer. It has dual-wave wheel control. The overall control of the upper and lower wave wheels is professional. Then it has the functions of multiple exposures, delayed photography, full-screen touch, flip touch screen, and WiFi transmission. It is very suitable for beginners to use it.

• Seinxon Item Finder
Seinxon is a smart item finder. It is made into the shape of a credit card, and has a thinner thickness than similar products, reaching 1.6mm. So it can be easily put into my wallet without obstruction. It can directly use the Find My App on the iPhone without downloading the APP separately. Each time, I can easily find my wallet in my clutter. At the same time, it also has an RFID blocking function, can light up, can be charged, and has IP68 waterproof.

It supports an IP68 waterproof and ultrasonic drainage system. Rotate the button to switch the dial style at will, or customize it. In addition to measuring heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, there are more than 10 sports modes, such as walking and running, indoor and outdoor sports monitoring, etc. Measure deep sleep, shallow sleep, answering and making calls, NFC access unlocking, playing music, voice assistant, pressure, calculator, weather, etc. 90Hz high brush, 390x390 high-definition retinal resolution. It also supports a multi-function split-screen mode to view information from friends.

• DJI OM 4
When I go out to shoot vlogs and want to shoot some cool lenses, a portable mobile phone is my better choice. So a good mobile phone PTZ is really useful and can help me to have a more stable picture. It has a variety of mirror operation modes. The phone clip is a powerful magnetic suction design, which can be easily removed without breaking the clip.

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