New Watch Day!

Chris Szaroleta
Murfreesboro, TN
I've known for months I wanted to get an MVMT. I settled on the White/Silver because I have plenty of watches with leather/rubber/canvas wristbands.

For the day I have had this sharp timepiece, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Sleek, incredibly budget friendly and so far, great timekeeping!

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Medford Torr ·
Nice pocket knife!
Great pocket dump bud. How long does the Forever Spin spin for?
Chris Szaroleta ·
Ya know, CJ, it's not great. I've had it between 2-3 minutes on a glass surface. Still fun to spin!
Cthulhu ·
Nice simple EDC, only the essentials. And great photo too! What's your opinion on the fenix?
Chris Szaroleta ·
Love this little guy! I have the E05 as well, which is the same size/weight, but the special edition Ti model has slightly better output and the finish is eye catching!
Connor ·
The spinner is a bit sad to carry around. The rest is cool though.
Chris Szaroleta ·
I gotta tell ya, Connor, for fidgeters like me, having a spinning top has added an all new dimension to the way I spend down time. When I'm working on a project, it's actually fantastic to be able to time myself around the spin time of the top. I've gotten over 9 minutes out of one of mine, which is a considerable duration for a lot of activities. Plus, it completely disappears in my pocket. Maybe give one a try to see for yourself. :-D
I love the totem! Well done!
Chris Szaroleta ·
Thanks, Roger! They're a lot of fun.
Chris Lae ·
Nice and minimal EDC. That MVMT watch looks damn sharp!
Chris Szaroleta ·
So far, so good, Chris! As Bernard mentioned above, the face diameter is bigger than expected, but I have other watches with faces this big, so it wasn't a HUGE deal. The burden of budget friendly quality items...I'd already like to have another!
I had a feeling I'd see a new watch pic!
Chris Szaroleta ·
You know me well, Dom... :-)
Bernard Capulong ·
I like what MVMT is doing for budget friendly watches, they look like they're worth a lot more and are substantial on the wrist. I wish they made smaller/mid-sized cases for those of us without beefy wrists though!
Chris Szaroleta ·
That was exactly my first thought when I pulled it from its packaging. Whoa! That's large...
Griffen Kociela ·
Have you been liking that top so far? I saw your video about the brass one but this one seems like it would be a bit easier to have in a pocket.
Chris Szaroleta ·
Great question, Griffen! This one is actually quite a bit pointier in the pocket...size wise, they're similar. With this one, the spin technique is MUCH easier to grasp than that brass one. That being said, it only spins for a third of the time. For that reason, I've had a lot more fun with the little brass guy.
NotoriousAPP ·
What is this brass one you're talking about? Can you provide a link?