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Nitecore Tube

Ed Jelley

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Somewhat of a misnomer, the flat, rectangular Nitecore Tube stands apart from typical flashlights. Besides its unique shape, the Tube also deviates from the norm with its activation. Instead of a traditional on/off switch, the Tube ramps up to a variable output between 1 and 45 lumens with a push and hold of the power button. Even better, there's no need to swap dead batteries. An integrated Li-ion cell cuts down on size and recharges via micro USB, yielding 48 hours of runtime. Grab one in your favorite of its five color ways and toss it on your keychain or slip it into your coin pocket as a backup or affordable EDC for just over ten bucks.


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Eriker Xangam Ragnarok ·
I have a black one for over a month now and it's great, on low it is bright enough to find a keyhole without blinding me and on high it can light up a small room. Also it's really lightweight so it is great for people who want to reduce the weight of the tools they carry on their key-chain.
Bernard Capulong ·
Thanks for the experienced insight! I might have to pick up one in clear.. and in black.. and the other three..
I have the clear one and the olive one. Awesome little light, its so light and the to me the interface is the most awesome thing. The button got a great pressure point and the modes and handling is perfect. For me it can switch out the thrunite ti3 considering functionality, considering "real edc gear" and coolness the ti3 is the winner :)
This is already on my wish list. Thanks for the reminder!
Michael Mutant ·
These things appear to be awesome.. I want one.
The clear and blue .. hmmm.. might make it two.
Coffee Cup ·
Already on my bucket list too, I'm piqued how the variable output works in flesh.