Just the Essentials

Garrett Dunlap
Muskogee, OK
Custom Spyderco Manix 2 S30V

Zebra pen has a Fisher Space Pen refill

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Michael Mutant ·
Best scales on that knife!
Troy Helmer ·
Love the Manix2!
Spence ·
Sweeet spyderco, grade A knife porn! Thanks
Mick ·
Best looking Spyderco I have seen. Awesome!
Dave ·
Is that jade on the Manix? It's beautiful. Simple and classy EDC!
Bill C ·
Glad to see someone else found the Zebra 701, I love mine. Does the Fisher refill fit without any mods?
Robert Bonds ·
Very minimal which I like. As Sgt Joe Friday said just the facts madam. The facts are always short and to the point just like your carry
That Kent is simple elegance! The Manix is out of this world.
Garrett Dunlap ·
Thank you devoD. I like to have quality items on me...even something as simple as a comb.
Griffen Kociela ·
That is a wicked Manix 2! Did you do the custom job yourself?
Garrett Dunlap ·
No, Griffen. I had it sent to two different custom knife makers.