School Carry

The 5.11 Bag has been with me now for about 3 years and it's not going away any time soon. I'm still relatively new to the E.D.C. game, so this will need to be refined much further. Laptop and notebooks are carried in the main pouch. Charger goes in the left side pouch. Apple accessories carried in the flag pouch. The rest in my pockets.

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David ·
Fission mailed.
Nice pack, I have the same one. I like the Kill la Kill stickers on your laptop haahaha. Maybe I'll post my setup once I've time.
Jakob Storgaard ·
Well I like knives, maybe a bit too much.. So I was wondering, why aren't you carrying one?
Might be a rule at his college. There isn't a black and white rule at my university but I tend to carry smaller blades on me, just to be safe hahaha
I don't have a pocket knife, as of late. My option is a Geber fix knife that I usually carry on my belt. Stopped carrying it because it was just clunky and a hindrance when I needed to deploy it. I'm looking into a Kershaw soon.
Scott Inness ·
I love the stickers on your laptop! where did you get the Fox Hound sticker?
Dat ·
Some store near where I live. You can get these on Redbubble.com as well