My Running Gear

One of my favorite activities is running. After years of trying to find equipment that fits my needs, I settled on most of what is in this photograph. As a runner with a forefoot strike, I prefer shoes with no more than a 4mm footfoot-to-heel offset like these Inov-8's. I have a large running shoe collection (which is evident if you go to my Instagram page), so these shoes aren't the only ones I use. Whichever shoes I use though, I will always sure the Garmin Foot Pod in case the GPS takes a nosedive and to monitor my cadence.

The Running Buddy belt pouch is outstanding as it eliminates having to secure my MP3 players and/or cell phones to any arm carrying cases. It secures to the belt with super strong magnets.

The Yurbuds line of earphones are great; I very rarely have them fall out of my ears even at a dead sprint; they've only fell out whenever I didn't secure them properly.

I will switch out the Zune HD with my iPhone or iPod Nano Gen 7 every now and then and the Garmin 410 for a 310xt GPS watch. While I have other maker's GPS watches, I really like Garmins for running.

Things not pictured that pictured that I always run with includes a RoadID wristband.

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Robert ·
How is the running with the knife? I've tried to do it once and it was not comfortable. Where about do you put your knife when you run? Good running edc!
Roger ·
Nice running EDC! (My avatar pic is right after a run in Prospect Park) Have you considered any of the wireless earbuds? After several instances of pulling my buds out of my ears because of arm swing, I switched to Jaybirds. Not sure if they would work with your phone in the pouch though as they seem to connect better with a phone on an armstrap. The Buddy Pouch doesn't cause your 6 to bounce up and down? .
browcs ·
Thank you Roger. I used to use a Motorola BT headset, but didn't like the weight and bounce with each step. The Yurbuds work really well so far. I've seen the Jaybirds online but not in stores. The Buddy Pouch will bounce around unless you cinch your shorts' drawstring tight. Whenever I do that, I do not get any bounce unless I weigh it down too much. A phone/MP3 player, one or two cards or ID (or cash) and a key and you'll have no issues with bounce.