Minimalistic EDC

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This is basic EDC. I do not like to carry too much with me especially to fill pockets. I spend most of time in the city environment. Pocket knife and pepper spray are packed in self-made pouch. It can be worn on belt vertically and horizontally. I made it myself as I was not able to buy suitable size. Length is 11 cm, wide is 5 cm and depth is 2-3 cm. Depth is expandable as on both sides I added rubber bands. I wear this horizontally on belt so this very discrete and pocket are not filled, so outfit is better. I do not like to wear cargo paints so I moved all on belt pouch. I have made several ones in different colors so I can carry many items not in pockets and feel comfortable in different skinny paints. Philips screwdriver in trailmaster knife is very valuable.

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