EagTac D25AAA Mini Flashlight


Not to be left behind in the AAA race, EagleTac have refreshed their compact line with their new D25AAA models. The lights are powered by CREE's XP-G2 S2 emitter, with a powerful max output of 145 lumens and six hours of runtime on its 12-lumen low setting. They also have great carrying versatility, with options to hang from a keychain, clip to your pocket, or mount via their rear magnets. The D25AAA line also comes with a Nichia 219B Hi-CRI emitter which outputs 115 color-friendly lumens reminiscent of the afternoon sun. With long runtimes, strong output, a choice of tint and color, and options to carry your way, the D25AAA is a natural fit for any EDC.


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